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A basic tenet of copyright law is that once a copyright has expired, it enters the public domain, for all to use – and that’s just what has happened to Mona Lisa. The image of Mona Lisa has certainly traveled afar! Take a look at our Flickr gallery to find out where else she is seen today.

The Mona Lisa is certainly of the most recognizable faces in the world. Every year 8.5 million people gather to see her at the Louvre, and on average they spend a mere 15 seconds looking at her. But outside of the Louvre, the Mona Lisa has also appeared abundantly.

Why did the Mona Lisa painting become so famous? You’ll have to watch the story on Museum Secrets: Inside the Louvre but for now check out our photo gallery on Flickr:

“Where has the Mona Lisa ended up?”

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Banksy’s interpretation of The Mona Lisa on a wall:

[Image from The Stig 2009 on Flickr.]

The Mona Lisa on a tray:
[Image from Smoris on Flickr.]

The Mona Lisa at Trafalgar Square, made of several pieces painted by different artists:
[Image from by lonekorean on Flickr.]