Israel Museum, Scout Trip Diary: Landscapes and Cuisine

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Director David Langer shares his thoughts and a few photos of the beautiful landscapes surrounding Jerusalem and the delicious regional cuisine.

Thoughts on the landscapes

“Moving from the hilltops of Jerusalem down to the Dead Sea was a spectacular drive. Almost imperceptibly, the land changes from irrigated fields to harsh dessert peopled with small Bedouin settlements not far from the road. There’s always tents, beat up cars, and at least one camel tethered on the side of a hill. As you drop lower and lower towards the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, the landscape morphs into the harsh desert of the Bible. You can imagine Moses and the people of Israel wandering here for 40 years, or Jesus, alone, communing in the silence.”

“But soon patches of green stand out in the glare of the desert sun and we come to the Kibbutz of Ein Gedi, complete with a hotel and Botanical Garden. From a hilltop, we can see the four dried up wadis that bring water from the hills in the flash floods of winter. I realize that water is life, in this land, and it’s a legacy from Biblical times.”

Thoughts on food

“If you like hummus, you’ll love Israel. It’s pretty much served 24/7. But unlike the commercial varieties sold here, you can actually taste the tahini. Before most meals, you’re served a beautiful selection of hummus with olive oil, chopped vegetables, a plate of olives, babghanoush, and plenty of fresh warm pita. Beware – it’s easy to put on pounds.”

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