Photos from our first shoot at Palacio Real in Madrid

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We’ve just wrapped a shoot at Palacio Real in Madrid and wanted to share some photos from the trip with you.

Check them out in our latest post from the road!

Up next… We’re shooting at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

First, we visited the lovely Palacio Real in Madrid, the largest Palace in Europe, the official residence of the Spanish royal family which today is only used for ceremonial purposes. Built in the mid-18th century when Spain was one of the most powerful empires in the world, it also doubles as an extraordinary museum of Spanish royal treasures. The Palacio is filled with incredible spaces and objects which are the jumping off point for another great episode of Museum Secrets.

Outside the Palacio Real, the Spanish Royal Guard welcomes a visiting dignitary. Dating back to medieval times, the Guardia Real has both ceremonial and military functions, along with the responsibility for protecting the royal family and foreign chiefs of state.

Meanwhile, inside the Palacio Real, the Royal Armoury has no shortage of compelling stories hidden within its magnificent displays.

There, we met with historical technologist Andre Renier once again (he appeared on Season 2 for Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum episode) to tell us about another advance in armour from the 15th Century. We explore the mystery of the adargas—leather cavalry shields introduced to Spain by the North African Moors who invaded the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th Century.

Stay tuned for more on the blog, as we travel to our next museum for another shoot for Season 3!