Italy, London and Paris Bound!

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It’s very busy at the Museum Secrets production office here in Toronto!

We have a film crew poised for departure to Italy this weekend to shoot an upcoming episode at the Uffizi Gallery for Season 3.

Then, next week our Series Producer, Versailles episode Director and our Executive Producer head out to London and Paris to scout more museums for the upcoming season.

Find out which museums we’re filming at and scouting next week!


Our film crew heads to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence to investigate the Medici Family secrets, an ancient martial art, culinary treasures in the Tuscan countryside and the mysteries hidden in Renaissance art.

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We’re heading to the Greenwich Royal Museums and the National Maritime Museum in the very rainy city of London, where the 2012 Summer Olympic Games are taking place. It’ll be a riot to catch a glimpse of the Equestrian Games on the museum grounds.

The Maritime museum has no shortage of things to see – it’s all about the history and science of sea navigation and is a rich terrain for many international secrets. One of our favourites is the history of women at sea, including some pirates who were women dressed as men! We’re very keen to meet the museum curators and to explore the myth of the Mermaid and see maps and maidenheads that depict strange creatures.


After London, we’ll take the Eurostar over to Paris, where we’re scouting the opulent Château of Versailles Museum.

We can’t wait to see the surprising subterranean world under the palace gardens, explore the spectacular Hall of Mirrors where the Treaty of Versailles was signed, and discover secrets in the Grand Apartments of the King and of the Queen.

We’re willing to bet that the City of Lights will be teeming with tourists, but that it’ll be absolutely irresistible this summer.

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