Museum Secrets Revealed Continues on Smithsonian Channel

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For those of you in the US who have been watching the first US broadcast of our series on TV, we’ve got some great news! We’re pleased to announce that there are more broadcasts added to the schedule on the Smithsonian Channel.


Natural History Museum in London

Museum Secrets Revealed‘ on the Smithsonian Channel will continue with the following schedule in the USA:

•  ROM  – Explore the eye-popping landmark online Nov. 20 7pm
Nov. 21 2am & 12pm
•  Egyptian Museum   — Preview some secrets here Nov. 26 8pm & 11pm
Nov. 27 7pm
•  Natural History Museum in LondonGet a glimpse of the episode here Dec. 3 8pm & 11pm
Dec. 4 7pm
•  The Metropolitan Museum of ArtFind out more about the MET episode online Dec. 10 8pm & 11pm
Dec. 11 7pm


Check out the Smithsonian Channel for more details.

Be sure to tell your American friends all about the broadcast!