Gorgeous Gardens: King Louis XIV and the magnificence of Versailles

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Between 1673 – 1683, King Louis XIV commissioned work for a breathtaking garden to be built at Versailles. Join landscape architect Gabriel Wick as he walks us through the famous grounds and explains the importance of the Chateau gardens. Check out our behind the scenes video here; before you watch our episode Inside the Chateau of Versailles on April 25th on HISTORY (Canada)!

The vegetable gardens at Versailles provided King Louis with exotic foods and a means to impress important guests at the palace. Along with food production for the royal household, the gardens also were a place of respite and enjoyment. The King would often take visitors on walks to view the fountain and beautiful fruit trees that lined the gardens. To learn more about the grounds at Versailles, tune in on Thursday, April 25th at 9pm ET/PT on HISTORY Canada to watch this episode of Museum Secrets: Inside the Chateau of Versailles.