Museum Secrets not renewed for Season IV

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After three great seasons of Kensington’s international hit TV series, the lead network, HISTORY Canada, has decided that they have enough episodes and have cancelled the show. If you wish to find out more you can get in contact with them at

While we have moved on to other exciting series projects, we are disappointed that Museum Secrets will not have any new shows to entertain and inform our millions of fans worldwide. However, the third season can still be seen on networks around the world including History Canada, Yesterday Channel / UKTV, Smithsonian Channel in the USA, throughout Scandinavia, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, throughout Asia and other territories.

The Highlights

Over the course of the last three Seasons producing 22 episodes at the world’s finest museums, we’ve had an amazing adventure. Some of the top creative talent working in factual television came together to create the series and we’re proud of what we accomplished and grateful for your overwhelming positive response to it. The feedback we are currently getting from around the world is fiercer than ever before on both facebook and twitter:

Misswicked01 Aug 23, 12:06pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®: @MuseumSecrets Roll on 9pm! I’m shutting the curtains, locking the door! World out museum secrets in!

MarDixon Aug 23, 4:13pm via TweetDeck: Anyone else watching @MuseumSecrets? At State Historical Museum, Moscow tonight. Love this program.

MARKOV_HABFAN79 Jul 11, 9:34pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®Watching @MuseumSecrets about Chateau Versailles. Never been to France that Palace is astonishing and beautiful. Episode is so interesting.

Corrine McKenzie on facebook: Indiana Jones marathon + Museum Secrets = Geek night for me!

@TorontosAwesome on twitter: History and Museum buffs have this great show to drool over created in Toronto – Check out @MuseumSecrets  #TV

kathysmurf76 on ITunes: Absolutely LOVE This Show!!!!!  I love the historical backgrounds in this show! It’s amazing to see how some of the stuff that you might think of as something uneventful and having no historical significance can have an AMAZING story to it!!!! Keep up the great work!

Keep the Series Alive 

We hope you will consider acquiring a copy of your own Museum Secrets Volume 1 box set which contains the first 4 episodes we produced: the Natural History Museum, the Louvre, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Egyptian Museum. Our unique DVD sets also contain several short video extras and make a wonderful gift for family and the other museum lovers in your life.  Purchase your copy at You can also continue to enjoy and share our rich media website with over 120 objects, videos and interactive experiences.

Stay Tuned

Over the last year we’ve been working hard on an exciting new mobile app called Scopify ROM. You can expect the new app to deliver an innovative set of interactive tools and a whole new way of experiencing your next visit to the Royal Ontario Museum, right in the palm of your hand! The new app launches at the end of September for visitors to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Keep following Museum Secrets and then follow the new Scopify ROM pages at Facebook & Twitter to be the first to hear about the app!

Be sure to follow Kensington Communications Inc., for news on their new original TV series in the works and the making of the Scopify ROM mobile app. Kensington produces inventive documentaries in the genres of history, science, music and culture. Check out Kensington’s amazing catalogue and follow along on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for your support!

The Museum Secrets team